Novosti POLETJE 2016

Predstavljamo vam novosti letošnjega poletja.

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Novosti APRIL 2016

Predstavljamo vam novosti meseca aprila.

Novosti April

Novosti OKTOBER 2015

Predstavljamo vam nekaj novosti meseca oktobra.

We proudly present you our new enclosure CONNECT. The initial idea when starting the development was to create a “flying” (freely suspended from the ceiling) enclosure for wired applications. In the following description you will find out which features have been added from the idea until the final realization:

Product: CONNECT


  • Two-piece enclosure design in oval form for ergonomic grip
  • Front ends as cable bushing and/ or flush with the adjacent area for possible ports
  • Having no screws, your choice of the front side of the enclosure
  • It consists of a convex and a flattened case shell ; the parts are snapped into each other
  • 4 fixing pillars inside of the flattened case shell for screws D 2.2 x 5 mm
  • Cable glands and/ or end panels available as end elements at your choice
  • Integrated strain relief in the cable gland kit
  • Dimensions B 54 x H 22; in den Längen 76, 116 und 156 mm
  • Material ASA + PC-FR (UL 94 V-0)
  • Colour Off-white (RAL 9002)
  • IP rate IP 40 (no sealing)

Market positioning

Area of use
  • Only indoor
  • For applications freely suspended at a cable
  • For functional parts between two cables; hanging or lying
  • For control circuits in low voltage range with shielded LiYCY cables
  • Entry in new application fields: Applications with several fixed primary or pluggable secondary cable connections; also connected to each other.
  • Narrow, oblong design – unique in the OKW program
  • Main competitors not known for the like.

Novosti SEPTEMBER 2015

Predstavljamo vam nekaj novosti meseca septembra.

The New Look - Jupiter Basic - Site - ADVANCED

The Basic and Site models of Hyperion, Drago, Europa, Venus, Calisto, Gemini, Jupiter and Pegasus have all been upgraded to use the new improved case; the same as the ADVANCED models.
Collectively this makes the 4000 Range; it is exciting as it brings the new styling to the Dry Blocks and Isocal-6.
The 4000 Series is shipping and has replaced the earlier models.

Novosti AVGUST 2015

RASPBERRY-CASE – Translucent hinged enclosures
The innovative OKW enclosures use the film hinge principle to hold the mini-format single-board computers Raspberry PI B+ and PI 2.
The enclosures offer a simple and inexpensive solution for packing the board, and offer all of the necessary openings for connections.
The RASPBERRY CASE consists of one single part, which can be assembled easily and without tools.
Made of translucent polypropylene plastic.
B4062102 raspberry red
B4062105 mint green
Already integrated: recess for board interfaces, ventilation slots and holes drilled for wall mounting.
Included 4 self-tapping screws for assembling the board and 4 anti-slide feet for stable positioning when using desk-top applications. Optimised packaging for low shipping costs.
They’re stocked in packs of 10 each in a carton. The minimum order quantity is 50 pieces.
The data will be available at from July 30, 2015 and the pieces are also available from our stock.